Well, I'll be darned

In speaking to numerous people recently, they've all asked me, "but how is life down south?" (I come from a California-born-and-bred family, and my pre-here friends are all dyed-in-the-blue Yankees.)

My answer? "Everything's OK. Well, I mean, I love my gym. My gym is awesome!" And then I prattle on about Crossfit Genius - how absolutely amazing Tony and Karen are, and all the new people who have started coming who are so much fun and just how FUN it is.

I suppose in my line of work, it might be natural to not find my day job the uplifting part of the day most days. But it's more than that--I feel at home in the gym, and that hasn't been the case for me in quite some time.



  1. It's the community of athletes we have that makes it such a fun place to be. Well...that and the fish game challenge.

  2. You're so modest, Karen--you're a MAJOR reason I love CFG!