Day 36

Lbs. lost: 6
Inches lost: No idea because we didn't measure. Doh!
PRs: 8 (if memory serves)
Clothing size: Same, but fitting differently. Hips are obscenely large, or maybe they just look that way because of the insane hour glass I'm getting in my waist.

"Do you feel better?" People keep asking this, and my answer, honestly, is no. I don't feel worse, certainly, but I'm still tired a lot, and my body is tired from one workout to the next, more so I'd say than before I started the challenge. My mood is pretty even, and there is the very big upside that I haven't mentally berated myself for food choices in 36 whole days (undoubtedly a PR for me)!

"Have your workouts improved?" I don't know for sure, but I think so. I keep underestimating my abilities, and then coming in with a better time or result than I thought I had in me.

I do know for sure that my ATTITUDE has improved. I'm super excited to get to the gym. I no longer "hate" any given exercise. Yes, there are certain things I'm not great at (ring dips, push ups, box jumps), but there's nothing I dread anymore as a single event.

The total commitment to eat right seems pointless if I'm not pushing super hard at the gym every day, so I don't skip workouts. I feel much more like a committed crossfitter now--not an outsider, not the fat girl who can't get it done, but someone who is making it happen. This attitude shift, I think, is the greatest gift the challenge has given me thus far.

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