Week 2 Recap

Whoa. Somehow our 2 week mark came and went without me really noticing. Right now sort of feels a little murky. Things are happening, but it's not clear what.

We've stayed paleo for 2 weeks, and have rocked CFG 5x a week. The numbers on the board make it clear that we're getting stronger. (4 PRs in a week? Yes please!) I definitely feel like I have more energy. I'm sleeping better at night (when I finally fall asleep.) I don't want coffee, don't crave sugary foods, and am generally feeling pretty good. So I guess that's a lot.

Physically, I don't see any changes, though I can feel them. It's not just that I feel stronger and what not, but that for some weird reason, I am now very aware of each and every extra pound on my body and I want them off immediately. They've been creeping on since law school (hello, lawyer layer!), but they never really bothered me till now. Now, they feel like some sort of suit that I'm wearing and omg wouldn't life (and pullups) be easier if I could just take it off.

Luckily, the CFG challenge has started, so things are ramping up a bit. I've got a good feeling about things ahead.

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