How The Roomies Got Their Groove Back (and you can too)

The roomies have been sending emails back and forth that contain an increasing number of words in ALL CAPS. You know what this means: we're starting another challenge and we're pumped about it. (Nothing gets us quite as pumped as a challenge.)

This time we want you to join us.

Starting August 1, we're doing a challenge and inviting all of our friends to join in. If you ask our trainers Tony and Karen, they'll tell you that our enthusiasm is contageous. If you ask my boyfriend, it's annoying unless you're in on the venture. So start thinking of fitness and dietary goals that you want to achieve over the next six weeks, and we will cheer you to success.

This is all about choosing your OWN goals. Make it ambitious but doable. We encourage you to get fairly specific in your goals (it will help you feel more accomplished, I promise), but with measurements that are meaningful to you. If your goal is going to the gym three times each week for the next 6 weeks, that's great. Tell us what kind of exercises you'll do there (this will help keep you honest and on track). If it's doing a sub 4 minute Fran, that's also great. We don't judge where you're at, just that your goals are a good faith effort to find yourself healthier six weeks from now.

Oh, and, do not set yourself up for failure because, well, with our enthusiasm, it's not going to happen.


Badass Inspiration Thursday

Sometimes, when I think that eating paleo/starting back up at CrossFit after almost a year off is *ohhhh sooooo haaaaaaard* and I just want to feel sorry for myself while munching on the Hershey bar my client sent to me and sticking out my bottom lip as far as it will go, I turn to the internet for inspiration.

Let's talk about hard. I don't know the meaning of the word, I realize, after watching this clip. And I need to buck up and get it together, because there is someone out there who is doing something much harder, with a smile on her face.

So, may I introduce you to Irene? Irene is this Thursday's badass inspiration:

Watch this and tell me you don't feel kind of awed.


Not just for a hot bod...

We all have different reasons for exercising. I recently started up crossfit again because I was tired of feeling (and looking) weak. My boyfriend is probably the #1 fan of my doing crossfit, because he thinks it makes me a nicer person. (Apparently I get cranky when I don't get my endorphin high. Harumph.)

But if a better bod and a better 'tude don't convince you/r friends, how about a stronger brain?

Having had one grandparent who died in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, and another who lived for ten years with really bad short term memory loss, this is no joke.