Happy Soon-to-Be Halloween!

Would it be sacriligeous for a paleo-ista to wear this? Or just a fashionista? Discuss.

(Cap by herbalnights on etsy. h/t Say yes to Hoboken!)


Getting it together

In true competition style, I've been struggling with a fever for the past few days. It also means I've been eating way too much squash. (When I'm sick, I want comfort food. For the record, pumpkin is the ultimate comfort.)  Not having someone to push me into the gym is getting to me, which means it's clearly time to get my act together. 

To that end, I played hooky from my conference today (shhh!) so I can both 1) avoid bad food and 2) hit up the gym tonight.  In order to make this easier for myself and hold myself more accountable, I'm also putting together a google-docs spread sheet of the food I've been eating. I've been lax on my calorie counting. NO MORE.

In case you didn't know, I entered this challenge solely because Meagan believes in me. And while it's pretty easy for me to excuse/disappoint myself, I'll always believe that whatever team Meagan is a team full of winners.  So watch out folks.  I'm coming for you.


PSA: Those in glass houses...

This morning at the gym, I watched as this guy cheated his way though the workout. I got so incensed as I watched him, because he was doing EXACTLY as the instructor had just told us NOT to do, or we'd be cheating.

On the way home, I took stock: I was not perfect, my workout had included some short-cuts. Maybe not the same as the guy's, but enough so that I was not above reproach. Who was I to judge him if I couldn't make sure my own form included no cheats?

Plus, the guy finished the WOD, while I got half-way through when time was called.* I wasted all this energy mentally tearing down the other guy, and not focusing on my own damn self. I was totally that friend who pays you backhanded compliments because she can't stand to see you winning at life. I sentenced myself to time-out. Meaning, NO cheating next time at the gym, NO comparing myself to how others are doing and NO wussing out on the workout.

*But seriously, Black Box, what the hell is up with all the hero workouts? 20 minutes is way too long to be busting my ass day after day. Or, you know, every other day...



Today's workout was Bulger. This was my first real WOD since September, when I stopped in twice to CrossFit Casco Bay, where they kicked my ass there, too. (They were really nice, helpful, and good-looking about it though, so if you're in Portland, you should drop by!) Let's just say today FELT like the first WOD in a very long time, and I was mad at myself the whole way through.

If you were too lazy to click on the link, Bulger is:
10 Rounds
150m row (because we're in NYC and the running space is limited)
7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
7 Front Squats
7 Hand Stand Push Ups

The cut-off time was 27 minutes. I got through 6 rounds (or seven, I lost track, don't tell Tony), plus 150m row and 7 C2B.

OK, so rowing was no problem--for the most part I was able to stay below 30 strokes per minute, and I stayed below a 2:15/500m pace, which, for being a not-strong rower and newly-back-in-the-saddle, is not bad. (Many rounds I stayed below 2:05! Woot!)

Chest to Bar pull ups. Ugh. I am SOOOO mad at myself for being in the green band. I mean, yes, gaining 10 lbs and not doing them for 3 months means I'm not going to be badass at them the first time round. The good thing is I only had to break up two of the rounds 5 and then 2, and for the most part, I was chest above bar. (Unlike most other people in the gym, I might add. Ahem.)

Front squats. Historically my favorite part of a WOD have been the squats--if I can get there, it's my "rest." Not so any longer. Let's start with the paltry weight I used - 65 pounds. And then form. My form SUCKS. I'm leaning over too much, not getting below parallel often, and just hating it the whole time. I think the most bewildering part was that I wasn't loving the squats. It's like I didn't even know myself anymore! *sob*

Hand stand push ups. I can kick up to the wall, but since I haven't been doing it for awhile, I don't stay on the wall very long. So after the first round where I wasted probably a minute trying to stay up right, repeatedly kicking up, I just went to box push ups. It felt wimpy. But, as I've never been a great handstand pushup-er (it's always been a celebration when I lowered myself two inches in the hand stand), this was less frustrating.

I left the gym feeling kind of high (it's inevitable) and kind of shitty. Mostly, I felt lonely. I've not met anyone at the gym, and there's no camraderie. I know I will meet people, and it will be fine, but for now, I'm in a dark place. Good thing when I win the challenge, it will all seem like a distant memory, and not even that unpleasant. Right?



After 3 nights of 4-5 hours sleep, my thought process has been reduced to a 7-year-old's. All I can think is: "I want cookies! I want cookies! I want cookies!"

Oh, how I wish this was me!   Someone, please make it stop. 

My heart overfloweth

Both Karen and Tony have blogs that I already can tell I'm going to love and eagerly await posts from each of them. Karen's is here. Tony's is here.

I highly recommend you check them out--they are two of my favoritest people on earth. It's true.


If I had to draw my sugar cravings, it would look something like:

image by Joe Alteria via uncrate.


Strength is sexy

Yes. We're back. And not just the two of us - Crossfit Genius is here with us, too. There's something special about the challenges Tony and Karen throw at us, and even more about accomplishing them together.  Maybe that's because they understand how Crossfit strengthens all of you: your body, your mind, and, more importantly, your self-image.  As Karen so eloquently states:

Self-confidence comes from mastering a challenge not enduring 45, mindless minutes in the fat-burning zone. And self-confidence is sexy.  Muscles are sexy. Strength is sexy. Sweat is sexy. [Aiming to be] Skinny is….just sad.

So here's to strength - both the kind that one builds oneself, and the kind that comes from being built up by friends.

Zomg, where did we go?!

So who knows if anyone is still reading this blog. I know that my personal plan over the "hiatus" was to gain 10 lbs. Yes. I know. Even badasses can turn into lardasses if they're lazy.

Enter Karen and Tony and their Turn the Tables Challenge. And their emails about the challenge. Multiple emails that I ignored outright. My thoughts went something like this: I've just started a job where I get in by no later than 8am, and never know when I'm going to get to leave. My apartment is not even unpacked yet. The landlords left a walk-in closet with a rod for hanging clothes that is about 8.75 feet high. I am 5'4" tall. AAAARRRGHHHH. I can't for the life of me figure out debt financing structures. Or what I did with the contact paper to line the pantry shelves. Transition is such a bitch. I am definitely too stressed for stupid challenges that make me accountable.

And so when Tricia and I emailed about it together, I was non-committal. Oh, we don't have ready access to barbells? Guess we can't do it then. Oh, it won't be the same when we're not IN the gym, talking shit? Yeah, that's another obstacle. Too bad, so sad.

But then, when we were sitting across the table from each other yesterday, suddenly the obstacles didn't seem so bad. Suddenly, I remembered why I had been so successful at the first challenge--getting jazzed to do fun things is super easy with Tricia. Hell, getting jazzed to do not-so-fun things is easy to do with her.

Me: I'd do it if you did it.
Tricia: Well, I'd do it if you did it.
Me: Oh.

And I am nearly as pumped as I was the first time around, only this time, it is indeed going to be a bigger challenge to stay motivated without Tricia and Tony and Karen to see every day. The black box in NYC is OK, but it's no home. So I'm hoping that we'll use this blog again to keep me--er--us pumped.

Because I can't help it. I'm a badass. Badasses get pumped, the harder the challenge is.

Have no idea who Tony and Karen are but intrigued about this challenge? They have one spot left for someone to join who is not a member of their gym. Excellent trash talkers are encouraged to join in.