That explains it...

I was just complaining to Tricia that I'm really bored with my food lately. So let's take a look at what I've eaten so far today:

Breakfast: (2) Aidells sausages, couple of bites of brussels sprouts sauteed with onions, olive oil, sweet onions.

Snack: (~1.5) cups brussels sprouts from breakfast.

Lunch: (1) Aidells sausage.

And Yesterday's Meals:

Breakfast: (3) eggs, (1/4) avocado, (1) apple
Lunch: Jason's Deli salad (greens, (4) measly cherry tomatoes) with grilled chicken
Snack: (2) cups green beans w/ garlic & olive oil
Dinner: Salmon w/ coconut milk sauce, roasted cauliflower.

Today's eating is a big fail. First of all, 3 Aidells sausages is just nuts. But to only eat sausages and brussels sprouts for two meals straight is inherently boring and of course I'm going to bemoan the course of my life eating this way.

Yesterday's eating was not a big failure. Tricia's salmon was delicious, breakfast was out of the ordinary (for me), and while lunch was a failure, it was lunch on the go, whatcha going to do?

The answer to a lot of this is preparedness. Because SMF was here this weekend, I didn't cook for the week, and so I'm grazing off of what I have in the fridge, not looking forward to anything. Take it from me--Sunday night cooking saves Wednesday lunch blahs.

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  1. I read this as I sat staring at, yet another, paper plate of quickly-cooling (read: yucky) B. sprouts. Nothing spells Paleo burnout quicker than lack of prep. Thanks for reminding me, Meagan. I gotta plan ahead.