Tasty snack

I cooked this up for breakfast this morning:
-2 strips of bacon
-lots and lots of spinach
-2 dates, chopped

I fried up the bacon (in its own grease), cut it up, threw it in a bowl. Then I cooked the spinach in the bacon grease, adding more and more spinach until I had enough to satisfy. (It cooks down to nothing!) Once it was all nice and cooked (didn't take long at all), I added in the dates. Mixed everything around, and whala! (Some may want to add salt/pepper to taste) Very tasty. And it helped me get my greens in.


  1. There's a typo Meagan. I'm sure that's supposed to be 2 pounds of bacon, not 2 strips. I mean, c'mon...

  2. Oh, I had an Aidell's sausage on the side, while I was waiting for everything to cook. I know it is sacrilegious but I like my bacon in moderation.