On food logs and fine tuning

We've been going at this for over 3 weeks now. (Seriously? How did that happen?) Getting to the gym and eating the right foods is all second nature now, which means it's time to start getting down to the nitty gritty. I checked in on my scale this morning and was sort of amused, yet not surprised by the results. According to it's readings, I've gained 3 lbs, yet lost 3% in body fat. This makes sense. I'm getting stronger. The thing is, though, I know I could be doing better. I haven't been cooking as much as I'd like (work has been busy), and so have been eating paleo, but perhaps not the best paleo I could be. Because I'm so pressed for time, I've been eating too many nuts and pears (for portability.)

In that vein, I'm starting a food journal today. I'm still going to eat as much as I want, but I'm going to include all the portion sizes of what I eat. My goal is to cut out all the fruit (after I finish the 2 apples I have), and really restrict the nuts/nutbutters. I'll post my logs at the end of the day with my daily wrap up.

**Update** I've been listening to the Robb Wolf podcasts and have settled upon the following goal ratio for my food. 125g protein/40g carbs/115g fat, which equals roughly 1700 cals a day.

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