Oh, Sh*t

Last night, SMF (the boy toy) came into town. As were were cooking a deliciously paleo meal--soon to be linked to here--I told him "hey, I've gotten a lot stronger since the last time you saw me!" (As background info, I'm always claiming that I've gotten some combination of stronger/leaner/flabbier/bigger boobed since I last saw him, so he's well used to the routine of "um, how do I affirm my girlfriend's self worth while cluing her into the fact that she looks just the same?" Ah, the joys of a long distance relationship...)

Well, this time, I flexed my arm, and even through the sweater I was wearing, his eyes got big, and then when he felt my arm, the sweetest utterance I've heard in ages escaped his mouth. "Oh, shit! You've got guns!"

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