Dear Self,

It was cute the first few times you did this. Got some yukka yukka yukkas from the gym after they made sure everything was alright. But now, it's time to stop. No more missing the box once per box jump session. The inflamed, puffy, tender bruise that makes it hard to sit down comfortably is the last straw. No more. It stops today.

-xoxo Meagan

P.S. Also, if you could stop falling onto other things when you miss the box, that would be great, and really cut down on the bruises.


  1. But it can be done...when you're a badass.

  2. Much to my dismay I to am experiencing spills during box jumps. After Tuesday nights face plant I was digging through the closet for the palm, elbow and knee pads I used back in my roller blading days. You may borrow them anytime you like.

  3. Thanks, Bill, that's really nice of you! We'll see how my body does with that stern talking-to I gave it and if it doesn't work, I'm putting on full body-armor...