Over at Mark's Daily Apple, Mark has been doing some posts about how to get your parents or your kids into the paleo/primal lifestyle. But how about when your partner doesn't buy in?

SMF, my lovely partner of almost five years, is an amazingly supportive human being. He fully encouraged my moving to Alabama, even though it meant a) moving far(ther) away from him and b) not earning enough money to see him very often, because he knew that being here was important to me. But when it comes to crossfit/paleo, he's out. He won't sabotage, but he won't join. And as Tricia pointed out, it is SO much easier to do this when you're living in an environment where everyone is in on the plan.

In certain respects, this should be fine. Take the eating: we have started making base meals that are paleo-friendly and then he'll add rice or another verboten item to satisfy himself, and I just don't eat it. When we go out to eat here, I have someone to eat my fries if they refuse to not put them on the side. (Ahh, Alabama.) He loves to cook, and feels restrained by not being able to use butter/certain kinds of oil/corn, but I think that's something he can get used to.

Here's my issue: he's never going to get excited about the paleo cooking. And he's totally uninterested in giving me high fives when I figure out I can really box jump on a 24" or watching me PR on my deadlift. To be clear, this isn't an issue of needing to share every interest--goodness knows that's never been close to the case with us. But crossfit certainly has, and hopefully paleo will become very important in my life, and it's just weird to think about doing it "on my own."

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