Victory #1

Like Tricia, I'm craving fruit.

A coworker just came to my office, offering dried fruit. I thanked her and refused (it would be rude to ask to look at the nutrition label first, me thinks), but then she couldn't open it. We joked about my crossfit grip (which is funny if you've seen me struggle with collars at all), and I offered to open the bag for her. I opened it all right, and inhaled a sweet blast of dried fruit goodness.

But I persevere. I don't think FGB would be very much fun knowing I'd cheated already.


  1. Too late. You totally just ate miscellaneous pharmaceuticals in your "filtered" tap water. Cheater.

  2. Pfft, you think we drink tap water? Only tarp-collected rain water for these girls. Meagan would back me up, but she's out hunting dinner.

  3. Tarp? You mean that stitched blanket of bear foreskins? I'm out, dude.