And While We're On the Subject of Go Big or Go Home...

Tricia's post reminded me that I've been meaning to point all of our visitors (um, hi Karen and Tony!) to this post by Melissa Urban. Really, it's worth the whole read. But for those of you looking for the cliff notes version. What does a real 7-weeks-of-awesomeness entail?

Eyes on the Prize

1. Eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, meat and olive/coconut oils.
2. No dairy whatsoever.
(For those who went to culinary school, eggs are not dairy!) I am also interpreting this to mean no goat milk products. Please excuse my whimpering as I continue with this post.
3. No grains.
What does this practically mean? No rice, pasta, bread, wheat germ... (Do people still eat wheat germ? I digress.)
4. No legumes.
What does this practically mean? No soy. No soy sauce. No tofu. No peanut butter.
5. No sugars. I am interpreting this rule in the following manner: no honey, maple sugar, real sugar, or fake sugar.
What does this practically mean? No sauces that I'd usually use that do contain a little bit of sugar, like Oyster Sauce. No diet cokes. This is where my colleagues laugh and wish me lots of luck on going for 7 weeks.
6. No processed foods.
What does this practically mean?
Beyond what it sounds like (if it comes sealed in a box it's not going down the hatch), Melissa points out that protein shakes and Zone bars are out. Ew. I hope you weren't eating those anyway. Yes, the girl who drinks ridiculous amounts of Diet Coke is casting stones.
7. No alcohol.
8. No cheating.
9. No whining.
10. No falling off the wagon.
11. Five days a week Crossfit.

Now this is only for 7 weeks. After the seven weeks, the theory goes, our bodies will be re-set, and we'll be better able to slowly incorporate things back into our diet. (Or not. I am aiming to banish soda forever.) So for those of you thinking that this is the most draconian thing ever--don't worry. You'll get your soy sauce back. I promise.


  1. Hmm, we haven't even started and I'm already whinging. No alcohol? More importantly, no wine? Ever? To cook with? To go to sleep with when Day 5 insomnia hits in?

    Not that I'm a huge booze hound, but this was the one weekly "indulgence" I was totally looking forward to. Sadface.

  2. Start an insurrection. We're all for it. But, I guess, if we support it...it's not an insurrection.

  3. These are only as interpreted by moi. Tcita, darling roomie, do what you need to do to stay sane.

  4. Man, Melissa Urban makes some strong points in her post. Considering there's going to be no "cheating" I need to set my rules now. I sort of want to be able to have a drink in Nashville when I go up in a few weeks. I'm trying to decide what it means that I don't think hanging out with the folks I know there will be as much fun without it (i.e. are they boring, or am I?)

    My one additional question has to do with salt. I'll be fine not salting my foods, but my beloved salt & pepper pistachios have (drumroll please) salt on them.

    So many rules to figure out in just a few short days!