Think About It.

If you were just a Joe Schmoe, walking down the street, and someone told you about this AWESOME endeavor they were doing:
  • No eating 90% of supermarket goods
  • In fact, I really should really be joining a CSA, and find a local source of meat...
  • And no soy milk, please.
  • Nope, I don't do peanut butter, either.
  • Five days a week, I go and I lift heavy things like bags of dirt, and then I run around, carrying those piles of dirt.
  • And I play on rings and try to do pushups on them!
  • As fast as I can!

Admit it. Your eyes would widen, you would smile skeptically. And you'd run home and report that shit to this site immediately.


  1. I would also note their propensity to wear bright knee socks and tights under shorts.

  2. Wait, this sounds a lot like the Peace Corps diet.