Typical Roomie Exchange

Tricia: http://www.crossfitgenius.com/challenge/2010/1/22/goin-wildcat.html
11:24 AM Meagan: They're so supportive! It's great
Tricia: I know!
this is actually way more fun than it should be
Meagan: I know :)
11:25 AM Which is perfect for us, I think. Getting jazzed is key.
Tricia: seriously
I was thinking earlier, it's not like I think "omg I'm on paleo"
it's just like, oh, don't buy that grain for food, no big deal
Meagan: I'm psyched! It's like an excuse not to cheat?
Does that even make sense?
11:26 AM Tricia: it totally does
11:27 AM This conversation should pretty much be a blog post
Meagan: Go for it.
Tricia: hahaha

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