On the run

I was out of apples (my preferred breakfast) and didn't have time to eat at home. Enter my favorite take-to-work breakfast staple. Whenever I eat this, one of my coworkers always asks, "Is this one of those athlete protein things?"

It's not pretty, or glamorous, but it gets the job done. Basically, take a tupperware, throw in some veggies, some meat, and crack some eggs. Stick in the microwave at work for 2 minutes, and voila!

Today's isn't exactly paleo friendly (still 2 more days!), but it's not the worst thing for you. Comprised entirely of leftovers, it has broccoli, onions, ham, cheese and 2 eggs. I'm with Melissa Urban on this one -- you can say a lot of things about Paleo, but you can't say it's hard.

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