Update: We survived!

We survived a road trip to ATL staying paleo. It meant abstaining from anything in the Georgia Dome, it meant my snacking on Tricia's homemade trail mix to stave off hunger, and it meant being really really hungry once we finally sat down to a paleo friendly meal. It meant a little sadness for me, since I associate car trips with soda (think I have much of a soda problem?!), but otherwise, it was totally successful. I only once longingly looked at a woman who was eating some sort of concession stand pizza--not because it looked remotely tasty, but because it was going into her mouth and not mine, and she would no longer be hungry but I was. still. hungry.

I cannot say enough for the idea of homemade trail mix. You can eat it without utensils, it's not messy, and it can be quickly filling. I'll experiment with different kinds and post back here. Right now I'm envisioning raw almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries (can you get dry, unsweetened cranberries?), and little cut up dried apricots. Yummmmm.

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