Coffee, or more on the power of eggs

Before moving to AL, I never drank coffee. I was a steadfast tea snob, loose-leaf only, with both a clay and glass pot for the appropriate types of tea. Enter stress-filled work nights and suddenly, coffee has become the preferred drink of choice.

So imagine my sadness when I realized strict paleo is going to mean no more cream in my morning cuppa. Now, I know some folks say cream isn't so bad, it's more of a fat than a carb, blah blah blah, but I know myself, and when it comes to the battle of moderation vs. abstinence, I'm an abstainer. Sometimes you have to go big or go home. I mean, really, it's only 7 weeks.

It's not so much the fact that I can't have cream as much as I just find some coffees way too acidic. I was explaining this to my dad (a strict black coffee drinker) when he reminded me of how he makes coffee -- cowboy style.

Some of you may remember your parents making coffee this way -- with eggshells mixed into the grounds. Apparently, the calcium carbonate from eggs helps neutralize the acids in coffee. Epicurious recommends using 5 eggshells, my dad uses 3. The finer you grind the shells, the less acidic your coffee will be. Also, some recommend baking the shells before use, to kill any bacteria, but if you use a french press, italian coffee maker, or a Capresso, you're probably fine with the temperature of the boiling water. (Drip coffee makers actually don't heat the water as hot as experts recommend for coffee brewing.)

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