Day 2 Recap

Woke up and felt like a truck hit me. Not so much that my muscles are tired or anything, I think I just needed more sleep. Both roommates still on the crossfit and paleo train. Did my first Fight Gone Bad yesterday, and as much as I hated it, I really want to do it again. This is one of those activities I know I can improve. The worst part of it was really just feeling winded. I completely gassed out.

It also brings to the surface something that's been bugging me -- namely, the fact that I've stopped trying when I'm tired. I mean, I try my best in the workout, and do what's on the board. But one of the things I loved about my boxing gym was the conditioning they made me do after the workout. After I'd been in the ring -- after I thought I was through -- that's when I had to dig deep and find something more. Because if you can do it when you're tired, you'll certainly be able to do it when your fresh.

Now that I've called myself out, I guess this means I should do something about it. I mean, if Ryan can do multiple workouts in a day (even after dry-heaving through FGB), I can certainly do some extra conditioning. Let's just hope the mirror is optional.

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