Feeling Like [Yuck]

I don't feel good today. Not in a sick way, but I'm not feeling my typically RAAAAAWR self. Not even wearing the gorgeous necklace my sister got me for Christmas helps. Head hurts. Foggy brained. Tired.

Words to the wise: 1) You can't do fight gone bad and get 6 hours of sleep. At least not if you're me; and 2) If you're going to do fight gone bad and then get 6 hours of sleep, it might help if you also hadn't just given up caffeine.

1 comment:

  1. i am commenting strictly out of solidarity. this whole world of fitness and good eating is thoroughly foreign to me, but i heart you, thus i comment. :) keep up the good, healthy stuff...or, if you fall off the wagon, come sit next to me.