Things You'll Need On This Journey

Say you're joining us on this epic adventure of awesomeness. (Bit of an oversell there?) What would one need to not fuck oneself over and revert to old habits?* Off the top of my head:
  • Tupperware. Preferably glass (there are all these articles about how bad plastic is for you), but let's be honest, spending your money on containers may not be top priority. Tupperware is KEY to having portable meals, and for making sure you always have lunch at work so when your friends are like "hey, Meagan, come eat MacNCheese at this awesome southern restaurant!" you can have the (correct) excuse of already having brought your lunch.
  • Costco Membership. This is obviously not possible in certain areas of the country (NYC, Portland ME) where either you don't have the space or you don't have a Costco. But honestly, being able to stock up on LOTS of (usually organic/grass-fed) protein and veggies for less is helpful to not feel like your wallet has to get skinnier with you.
  • Cans of Coconut Milk. And I'm not talking that Lite Coconut Milk stuff. No, full fat is better. It will fill you up faster. And it's so easy. Always have a can or two on hand.
  • An Hour and a Half on Sunday. If that. This way, you always have some paleo grub on hand and never have to wait too long for things to cook. (Seriously, cutting up chicken, sauteeing it, and putting it in a container; browning ground beef and putting it in a container; and steaming greens and putting those in containers--none of these are that hard. Even if, like me two years ago, you had NO idea what you were doing in the kitchen. You can ask me questions, too. It's not hard, but advice is always available.)
  • Healthy Oils. Stick to coconut oil and olive oil. I'm not a scientist, but just trust me. Fine, don't trust me. Go here for more information.
  • Portable Snacks. This is the one that is hardest for me. I'm going to do research and report back on portable snacks that aren't super boring. But as I sit here at work waiting for the lunch hour so I can go home and chow, I wish I had listened to this piece of advice earlier.
Off the top of my head this is what I come up with. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them.

*These are the Beginners' Class Essentials. Ideally you'll join a CSA and find local meat. But I'm talking for those of you who want to catch up and join the challenge just to see.

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