Day 9: Who are you today?

I'm working at my new standing desk, eating an avocado, and my coworkers are giving me strange looks.  At Crossfit this morning, everyone commented on my knee socks (gray, with rainbow stripes today) and expressed their surprise that I didn't really want the "paleo" muffins someone had made.* A few days earlier, at derby practice, someone discovered that I am a lawyer, that I have represented folks on death row, and that I don't have any tattoos. 

Apparently, I am a weirdo in every setting.

It's intriguing to me the identities we take on at different times and in different places.  Currently, I'm focused on being strong physically, which means I'm identifying myself by how I work out, and not what I do. That means derby talk and boastful comments about O-lifts** are starting to work themselves into water-cooler talk.  I'm becoming a bit boring to talk to. It's hard, because it's not that I don't care about everything else that's going on, it's just what I'm trying to stay motivated about, so I keep talking about it.

What are you talking about? Do others know about your challenge?

*I appreciate the gesture, really, but when it's got dried apricots, lemon AND honey in it, let's just be honest and call it a candy bar.
**I did my first one-armed snatch with the bar today! Yay!

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  1. I went to Crossfit Mobile and showed those ladies how overhead squats are DONE! (To be fair, so did the woman visiting from Seattle, who OHS'ed way more than me.) I think I OHS'ed 83 pounds? And I managed to focus the entire time on how good it felt to be lifting, not how wimpy the weights on the bar looked compared to a year ago when I was doing this same move. Also, I used less of a band resistance than I had been in NYC!

    Progress toward strength, no matter how small, my friends, is still progress.