Day 3 Update: Remembering our standards for ourselves

Today in class, my students were discussing a draft motion that we are planning on filing soon.  They had a lot of questions and wanted to know a lot of background information about the case, but in asking those questions, they lost sight of what it is they needed to prove: they forgot what the standard was that they needed to meet.  I feel a little bit like that today.

This morning I went to crossfit and did some deadlifts, but really felt like a failure.  The weight I did was 50lbs less than what I did last year, and I was suffering some ill effects from eating sugar yesterday (dark chocolate covered almonds.)  And so I've been beating myself up about it.  But in doing so, I've lost sight of what I'm supposed to be judging myself by: lifting heavy and eating to fuel my muscles.  Have I done that? Yes! Maybe not perfectly, and maybe not as heavy as I'd like, but that doesn't mean I'm failing at what I've set out to do.

Crossfitters, dieters and lawyers alike tend to be a down-on-themselves bunch.  Andreanna over at Life As a Plate has a really good piece about being kinder to ourselves.  Go read it, and revel in your successes.

How's Day 3 going for you?


  1. Day 4 is going well so far! Eating about 90% Paleo, did some yoga the past few days, need to get into the CrossFit gym, sweat a little, and lift heavy! I didn't sleep well last night, so not sure if it's going to happen tonight, but keeping the diet clean! The weekends are a bit harder for me, so time to focus!

  2. You've got this, Jessica. Can't wait to hear about your great, clean weekend on Monday ;)

  3. Day 4 and 4 days in the gym. So since I took Sunday off it means I'm there the next two days as well. Last night I didn't go until after I'd made dinner - and I was tired and was hungry so had a little something to eat. Did 3 mikes easy and felt great and still managed to get to swim this am.

    I am 40 this month and this challenge is my gift to myself. That and a 24" waist and some serious muscles. :) thanks for celebrating with me.

  4. You women are putting me to shame. I found my local cross-fit and its schedule; baby step. I was slightly less mean to myself today. I've been stranded alone at this computer for 4 straight days--If and when I figure out how to change THAT, I'll be so happy to sweat. Hugs all.

  5. Trace: work life balance, especially as women and attorneys, is never easy (and for me at least never fun). So when you figure it out, let us know ;) But seriously, please don't beat yourself up. (Also, please do as I say not as I do.) Life gets in the way, and it sounds like your job situation is about as willing as the tea party to relent--yet. It will be. I have faith in your ability to find a better equilibrium. As you said, baby steps. But steps nonetheless.

    Mirriam: I've said it on twitter, and I'll say it here. Giving yourself muscles for your 40th birthday is badass and awesome. And you run and swim (two things I'm not super good at), making you kick-ass as well. The great thing about muscles/eating better is it gives us more energy and make us more efective when we put on our justice crusading superhero costumes. Also, I've found that telling my guys on the row that I can deadlift x lbs makes them respect me more. Which also helps.