What to do when traveling happens smack in the middle of a challenge

On Saturday I am headed to South Carolina and Alabama for 9 days for work. I won't have a kitchen at my disposal, and the gym is rinky dinky. So what is a girl to do? I've rounded up some of the least-annoying posts out there on the web about how to stay healthy while living out of a suitcase.

A good general read on what to do when you're traveling and don't want to be thrown off the horse and then stepped on.

How to avoid craptastic food when you're on the road.

Eva T.'s exercises you can do anywhere because they only require your body weight.

One of the less make-you-feel-bad-about-yourself posts about how to eat out healthily.


  1. Is one of the suggestions: make a side trip to visit your favorite trainers and attend a Full Moon Primal Feast? That's what I suggest.

  2. It is indeed! I cannot wait to see my mentors in badassery.