Day 1: And we're off!

Did we all sit and think hard this weekend about what we want to accomplish over the next 6 weeks? Let's get this party started!

Tricia and I haven't quite worked out how this is going to work, but I'm thinking that I'll check in here at least M-W-F, and y'all can check in as frequently or infrequently as you'd like, BUT a minimum of two times a week. The less frequently you check in, the more you'll miss out on the totally-not-annoying-and-yet-totally-enthusiastic cheering on, which is half the fun of a challenge. Trash talk is welcome, but within the spirit of comraderie, obviously.

Also, if you're into this challenge but still not sure what kind of goals you want to set, post in the comments! We're here to support each other, and I'm sure that whatever dilemma about goal setting you're having, someone on the interwebs has struggled with it already. Don't be shy. If you think you need a little extra push to keep on top of this, let us know. We're happy to email you and check in, but would only want to do that if it motivates you, rather than make you reach for the oreos out of spite.

I'll post my goals in a separate post. I'm setting dietary, fitness, and personal goals. Ambitious, I know. But that's how I roll.

*Post script: GAH where is my head? Groundrules: 6 weeks, August 1 through September 11. Check in 2 times a week here on this blog and let us know how you're doing keeping up. Supportive badasses only, please.


  1. Started off the morning with 5x3 Thrusters and 100 push-ups, as fast as possible. Breaks had to be taken in plank position. If you broke that, you paid a 15-situp penalty. I did 100 push-ups (to a bar about 1-foot off the floor) and 150 sit-ups. Banana chips and almond butter PWO. Avocado/raspberry smoothie for lunch. How's your day going?!

  2. Here are my goals so far:

    1. Vice Goal- No soda & limit drinking to two times a week (sad, but this is a sizable cut-back)
    2. Symbolic Goal- Achieve the 100 pushup challenge (http://hundredpushups.com)
    3. Workout Goal- Go to the gym 4 days a week
    4. Nutritional Goal- Avoid all processed foods

    I would love to have someone add some challenging goals for me...

    PS. Day 1 Gym, push-ups, no soda, no alcohol. Check, check check, check. Food....eeeeh sorta ok..

  3. J: You can do it!!!

    Today's Gym play:
    Barbell rows - 53 - 43 - 48lbs. Lesson from this one: I really need to work on my upper back strength.
    21 Overhead Squats (33#)
    21 Pushups (knees)
    150m shuttle run
    15 OHS
    15 Pushups
    100m shuttle run
    9 OHS
    9 Pushups
    50m shuttle run.
    Food: Eggs and turkey and cheese for breakfast. Late lunch of guac, two pieces of steak, and grilled eggplant. Will probably need more food imminently.

  4. Yay Julia! I've never been able to get through the 100 pushup challenge. Actually, I'm never even able to do it for a week, so I am STOKED to watch you dominate it this month.

    As for the processed foods, what's with the "eeehhhh" today? Is it that you just aren't sure if what they served you was processed or you actually are eating some processed stuff. Do you have rules as to what qualifies? (E.g. canned tuna is not a processed food in my book, and I eat a lot of it.) It's Day 1 and I refuse to let you start it with any feeling other than "I WILL OWN YOU, AUGUST!" How can we help?

    As for me-- I already had to add in a hamburger patty, and broccoli slaw fried with thai spice. Currently snacking on coconut chips. SO HUNGRY.

  5. Day 1 check in - I did well with the food (aside from a protein shake), and didn't make it to the gym, but looking forward to yoga tomorrow. Goals: 8 hours/sleep a night, 4x/week CF or yoga, 95% Paleo for 6 weeks, 4% BF!