Day 30 Redux

To borrow from Meagan....

It's Day 30 and I:

  • Have been to the gym almost everyday, except for last week when I had so much work, I only went 4x and totally needed the rest.
  • Have managed to stay completely paleo except for dairy and chocolate on the weekends, and one super fun-filled derby night involving wine, jameson, and hard cider.
  • Have refused to get on my scale, and finally donated all but 1 suit because my shoulders no longer fit in them.
  • Have been insanely productive at work, haven't felt overly exhausted, and seem genuinely happy with life.


1 comment:

  1. How much do I love that you are owning this challenge? You're inspiring. Maybe you should send me a picture of you kicking ass so I can put it on my inspiration board :)

    I got right back on the horse and went to the gym this morning. So glad I did.