Happy Birthday, Mr. Chavez!

Cesar Chavez would have been 83 today.A hero in the non-violent movement school of justice-achieving, Sr. Chavez was seriously badass. In honor of Chavez, today I'm taking the day to remind us all that

"There is no food justice without labor justice.
No workers, no farms. No farms, no food.

That pearl comes from EdibleAria. If you live in California (and even if you don't), please visit the UFW's site to see which farms in your area treat their workers with dignity and pay a living wage. Just as paleo peeps wouldn't want to eat inhumanely raised animals, we should also make it our mission to avoid eating food from farms where workers are treated inhumanely.

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  1. Posts like this make me wonder how I will ever survive with any other roommate. Awesome.