Growing up, I had a dear friend, Arwen. Arwen was cute as a button, a ballet and tap dancer, and all around sweet friend. I remember us pretending to be unicorns at recess in the fourth grade with Raquel, Amy, and Rebekkah. I remember her Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts from high school.

Cut to this past November, and my high school reunion. I walk in, and there was Arwen, wearing heavy eyeliner, dressed all in black, talking about a Metallica concert with her similarly dressed husband (minus the eyeliner, if I recall correctly). Still gorgeous, and still Arwen, but at the same time, radically different.

I tell you that story to explain last night's culinary delight. It started with one of my favorite kitchen dishes, a strawberry pie plate that I picked up because I couldn't resist its charms at the goodwill:

I don't know if you can tell, but in the center there is written out the directions for strawberry pie. Vintage cuteness, right?!

Well, after roughly half an hour in the oven, my cute-as-pie-plate became this:

MEATSA PIE! (This picture captures it poorly but the crust is all ground beef/sausage combo. If that's not a transformation on the order of Winnie the Pooh to Metallica badassness, I challenge you to show me what is.

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