Even Bad Asses Get The Blues

So I've been pretty quiet on the blog for the past week. I've been super busy at work and though I've kept up on the paleo eating and getting to the gym, I haven't been getting enough sleep, or more importantly, any time to relax. Which brings me to the importance of rest days, not just from the gym, but from stressors in general.

I'm no doctor, but I can't stress enough the importance of making time for yourself. I've been hitting work hard for the past few weeks and I'm totally feeling it. Though technically I've been doing everything right, the lack of downtime is starting to make it feel like I've been doing everything wrong. I'm tired all the time, I'm not sleeping right, workouts feel tedious, I vacillate between feeling down, angry and/or detached,and I sort of feel like I'm getting sick. It's not that hard to figure out what's going on - my body is telling me things aren't right.

So this weekend, I tried to make a little space. I watched a movie at a friend's, I went to the dog park, I found some time to try new recipes for the week. This doesn't mean I'm feeling all that better. This boat is certainly not going to right itself overnight. Especially since things aren't looking any easier on the work front. (I finally crawled out from under a mountain of work to be rewarded with another mountain of work. ) On top of that, I'm still frustrated that I'm not seeing some of the results I wanted (which makes sense given this study), and I feel like I need a vacation. But it's important to note, that what I'm craving doesn't include a break from Paleo or working out. If anything, I wish I could spend more time at the gym, doing the things that make me feel better. And really, when this challenge is over, there are only a few things I want to add back into my diet (wine, chocolate, cheese.)

Anyhow, this is just a long ramble to say sorry for my absence. And whether you missed me or not, I'm back and itching for a fight.

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