You know you're officially a member of the paleo/primal/crossfit cult when you find yourself taking weird supplements.  After a horrific week wherein my insomnia won the sleep war with my mono, I succumbed to Tony and Karen's advice and ordered me some vitamins. At their suggestion, I picked up some fish oil, super enzymes, Natural Calm (magnesium) and vitamin-D.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any Carlson's Fish Oil, so I picked up some Arctic Pure. (I'm sure this means something to somebody.) I've been pleasantly surprised by its mild lemon taste -- it's serving as a fairly tasty dressing for my salad right now.  I was not so pleasantly surprised to read that super enzymes have Oxen Bile in them. Um, Tony, Karen, you couldn't give me fair warning on that one?

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  1. Give you fair warning?!? Think about how the oxen felt.