Keeping busy

Don't you fret--Meagan and I are still working hard at our perpetual quest to become generally badass. We've just been a little swamped with work, life, and equally important, working out, so haven't had much time to make it to the blogosphere.

Luckily, my work has been pretty quiet over the holidays because derby has definitely become my second job. In addition to being drafted to the Reservoir Dolls and making my rookie debut, I was also elected training manager of our local recreational roller derby league, the Mad Wreckin' Dolls.  These girls hit it hard and are keeping  me on my toes with requests for additional off-skates work outs and info on stretching and nutrition.  Between both leagues, I'm averaging around 6-7 derby practices a week plus another 3 crossfit workouts at Crossfit Sanctify when I'm lucky.  (If you want more detailed information on my workouts, you can follow me on Fitocracy.) Add in team meetings, strategy huddles, executive board meetings, and you've got one tired little lady.

Working out this much made me realize 1) that I hadn't been eating as cleanly as I would like; 2) I really need to make sure I'm getting enough of the right energy; and 3) I need more sleep.  Starting January 1, I've joined thousands of others around the country in doing a Whole 30.  It's my 4th time through and feels just as good as always. In order to fix my lack of energy,  I've also decided to up my carbs.  Even when I was eating chocolate and dairy, my carbs came in about 30-40 grams a day and that's just not going to cut it for a girl who works out this much. I've taken to eating sweet potato and winter squashes with abandon and am feeling much better for it.  I also finally read Lights Out, and am actively working on bettering my sleep. I was already sleeping in a blacked out room without electronics, but now I'm trying to finish up all computer use/television watching a full hour before bed and am shooting for 9 hours of sleep (which means I'll probably get 8) versus 8 (and getting 7.) This is great because it means I've built in at least an hour a day of reading time, which I'm using to try and work on the mental parts of being an athlete. (I just said I was an athlete! Oh how things change over time!) Right now I'm reading Drive and The Fighter's Mind with the goals of creating my own personal "be a better derby  girl" mental game plan.

Hopefully, all this mental prep will play off this weekend for our second bout of the season. Check out our promo ad (with some footage of me around the :13 mark!), and if you're in the area, come cheer us on.

What have y'all been up to?

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