For the love of all that is cheesy

Today was my "active recovery" day for working out. So I walked the two miles home from work. It was brisk, dark, and lovely. My mind started wandering as I went, as it is wont to do. I was thinking about what other types of things I would do for active recovery. I wasn't coming up with much. And honestly, food was more on my mind than exercise.

Along with Tricia, I'm doing a Whole 30 this month to remind myself of good habits that I know how to practice. One of the things that was particularly hard to give up (which for me means that I was really over-dependent on it) was cheese. Brie cheese, sharp cheddar, feta, pecorino, aged gouda... Sigh. I love it all.

So tonight I sat down to do work, and don't even ask me how I got to this page, but I did.

See, doesn't this look fun? This is Jo Guest, the 2011 Gloucestershire Women's Cheese Rolling champion.

Now I have something to practice on active recovery days, a travel goal, and cheese is still a part of my life! Who is with me?



  1. Geez Louise! How did I get sooo lucky to be able to read yours, Meridith's & your roommates blogs?!?!
    Are you hooked up with Precision Nutrition at all or am I just feeling extra special being over here?:)
    Mary Ann

  2. mary Ann--I totally AM in Lean Eating right now. How did you find this blog?! WELCOME! I'm stoked. I didn't link to it from PN because it's not totally LE related, more fitness in general.

  3. Thanks, nice to meet you.
    I found it through Meridith's because she posted a comment to the two of us.
    My user name in PN is mac59 what is yours?

    I am NO where near as eloquent (nor knowledgeable) in writing as you & your room mate are.

    You guys are a gold mine of information.

    Is there anyway you can send me that utube link to my email
    macappa@cox.net. LOVED IT! Such a great comparison. I am a visual learner for sure!:) pizza vrs. cardio

    I tried going in my account to send it to myself but for some reason,it sent it but I could not play it.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Hey Mary Ann! Welcome! I am so excited you get to work with Meagan in the LE PN challenge--living with her and working out with her changed my life so you are in for a real treat.

      I just emailed you the you-tube link, but let us know if you have any other problems with the site.

    2. Yes, I did, thanks for taking the time to send it.
      Wow, what wonderful praise for a great friend. Sounds like she is lucky to have you too!!

      Does Meagan mind in I repost this video (if possible ) into the PN site?