Get off my playlist, Britney!

It's pretty sad: my workout mix of music has pretty much been the same, with a few additions each year, since 2004. Yes, that's right, 2004. And I'll be damned if this year is not the year I relegate "Oops I did it again," to a party mix, and NOT my workout mix.

Thank G-d for NPR. You knew about their kickboxing workout mix, right? And their 80s music workout mix? (Salt-N-Pepa is already all over mine.) Now, in honor of the New Year, they've got the "ultimate workout mix."

Yesssss. That's a New Year's fitness resolution I can get behind: no more Britney AND I don't have to make the mix myself.

Don't worry, Britney, I won't ever completely forsake you. I promise.

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