Goals review and update for Dec. 1

So, I take Karen's point about goal-setting, but in actuality, last week's post wasn't about setting the goals as much as it was giving me a vehicle for this post -- the one where I hold myself accountable.  So lets' see how I did.

Here were the goals for Thanksgiving week:

1) Stay gluten-free.  A+.  I  give myself an A+ for this.  Even at Thanksgiving, everything but 1 stuffing, 1 gravy, and 1 pie was gluten-free, and in the end, the folks that could eat those were still stealing all the awesome gluten-free stuff.  You haven't lived until you've had cornbread stuffing with bacon and sausage topped with turkey drippings thickened with tapioca starch. ((dies))

2) Begin the sugar detox, with the exception of dessert on Thanksgiving. B.  I actually think I did pretty well with this, all things considered. I went out with the derby girls 3 nights that week and at not a drop of sugar.  I did eat lots of GF desserts on Thanksgiving. The reason I give myself a B though, is that I extended Thanksgiving an additional 12 hours and had GF dark chocolate tart for breakfast on Friday.  I regret nothing.   

3) Work out 5 times during the week. C. This was an epic fail. Sunday night, I pulled an all-nighter, so skipped Monday from exhaustion. Tuesday, I went to conditioning class only to find out it was cancelled, so played trivia at the bar with my derby girls instead.  Wednesday, I went to open skate (yay!), Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday, I missed gym class by 10 minutes because of unforeseen circumstances, and Saturday and Sunday, I skated. So, overall - 3 of 5 days.  Not the best. Not the worst.  But still disappointing.  This one should be pretty easy to fix though. 

4) Figure out my Christmas gifts. A.  Done and done!

So, what's in store for this week?  Let's give it a go:
1) Make it to the gym 5 times. Seriously. No excuses this week. 
2) Continue to be gluten- and sugar-free.  'Nuff said. 
3) Be social at least 1 time this week.  I love my derby girls. I love my coworkers.  I love my gym buddies.  With that many people, there is no reason to not hang out with folks, and as I've noted before. . . .mental health is important to physical health. 
4) Send out Holiday cards to friends and clients.  Ugh.  I procrastinate on this every year. BUT, I already purchased my cards, so now I just need to get them out! 

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. Good for you. This is the part that most people (points her own finger back at herself) fail to do. Keep it up.