Small victories

Sometimes celebrating the small victories is enough to keep me on track. Example of two of today's small victories:

1) Not letting snomaggedeon keep me from exercising. Although CrossFit was closed for my 6:30 am workout, I woke up and worked out on my own. Tabata Push ups, sit ups, squats. So I didn't even wuss out on my own workout! That might count as two small victories, come to think of it. I have been known to not push myself, when left to my own devices.

2) I was just really craving sugar. Hard core craving sugar. I want to go ravage through a forest of milk chocolate, gummy worms, and maybe some peanut butter cups while I'm at it kind of craving sugar. (You know, the kind of craving that has very little to do with the sugar and much to do with the bandaid the sugar coma would provide.)

The choices I made instead: some nuts (almonds, hazel nuts, and cashews), and some unsweetened dried apple.

Now, is this the awesomest paleo snack in the history of paleo snacks? No. Nuts have anti-nutrients (I'm too lazy to link to it, google it), and dried apples are sugary. But is it better than the peanut M&Ms I ate last week after keeping paleo at a delicious and posh restaurant where the serving was one sausage link, leaving me still voracious? Yes. Small victory achieved. Small pat on the back.

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