Goals for the week 12/6-12/12

So, yet again, I'm a little late - but let's take a look at how I did. 
Last week's goals

  1. Make it to the gym 5 times. A-. I didn't make it to the gym per se, but I went to Yoga, Monkey Bar x2, Skating and did a P90X workout from home (derby had been canceled, and the weather was too poor to get out to the gym.)
  2. Continue to be gluten- and sugar-free.  C+.  Gluten free? Yes. Sugar-free? Eh,  not so much. Bit of a sugar binge for 2 days, but I'm back on track, and already starting to avoid all the sweet things, including the GF cookie my coworker left on my desk.  Sugar cravings are gone, weight is dropping, so I feel like the plus is warranted. 
  3. Be social at least 1 time this week. A-.  Much to my friend's chagrin, I begged off several events to finish some briefs, but there was no way I was going to  miss my roommate's fundraiser on Saturday night.  3 hours of entertainment and dancing with friends made for some quality social time, but I need to be better about not flaking on those who can commit to me. 
  4. Send out Holiday cards to friends and clients.  F. Um, they're sitting on my desk, does that count?

So what are the plans going forward?
Goals for this week

  1. Continue to go to the gym 5x a week.  After a terrible, terrible day yesterday, I was proud of myself for forcing myself to make it to the gym.  Hopefully, this will remind me how important the gym is to my daily well-being and get my butt in there more often. 
  2. Pack my lunch at least 3x a week.  One can only eat at Chipotle or its University equivalent so many times a week. Eating Paleo while out is expensive, and typically, underwhelming. 
  3. Continue the social trend.  When I lived in AL, I never went out, but I never really felt like I was missing much. (Sorry Montgomery, you're no Madison.) Now that there is so much to offer and so many great people to do them with, I should really take advantage of it.  
  4. Send holiday cards.  This time for sure, Bullwinkle. 

What are your goals for the week?

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