Thanksgiving Week Goals, Pt. 2

Good call, Roommie T. My goals for this week:

1) Go to crossfit M-W, Friday. I'll be in Colorado on Friday, but luckily there are about 50 crossfits in Boulder, so I should be set ;)

2) Eat clean through Thursday.

3) Not eat like crazy at Thanksgiving. I may be weird, but: I don't love Thanksgiving. I'm not crazy about Turkey, pie, or green bean casserole. (Especially not green bean casserole.) But when socially ill-at-ease, I eat. So sometimes at family gatherings, even when I'm not feeling it, I eat as something to do. But this time, rather than just beat myself up before, during, and after for the social-unease-eating, I am going to bring knitting! It's kind of gross to think about knitting with food-dirty hands. Who wants to gift someone a scarf that has turkey grease woven in? Ewwwwww. So I'm planning ahead, and bringing several knitting projects to keep my hands busy. AND if I'm knitting, my extreme social awkwardness will be totally normal--"oh, she's one of THOSE types," the extended family will think, "a KNITTER. Well, no wonder."

4) Figure out a cute outfit. I've been feeling so shittily about myself as of late that I've been dressing like a ragamuffin to work, to go out to brunch, and to go to the grocery store. It's MUCH easier to self-sabotage when you're looking schlubby-and much less desirable to be the weird obsessive eater if you're looking hot.

5) Call Tricia. She's clearly the path to this girl getting back on track and feeling better about herself. As I do right this very minute! Thanks, T.

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  1. Love the goal setting idea. Keep it up, ladies.