Goals for the week

The author of a financial blog I read has begun posting their goals for the week every Sunday, and then assesses them every Saturday.  This smacks of the type of personal responsibility I would like to have, so I figure I should give it a try.

Goals for Thanksgiving Week:

1) Stay gluten-free.  I've had some weird lapses this week, so I need to get back on that bandwagon. Even for Thanksgiving. I'm in charge of dessert, and my roommate is making a cornbread, gluten-free stuffing, so I really have no excuses.  I'm not actually staying paleo at the moment. I'm remembering how much I love corn tortillas and chili with beans.  Both are necessary for my sanity (i.e. budget) right now, so I'm not going to fight it.

2) Begin the sugar detox, with the exception of dessert on Thanksgiving.   I don't know how I got on this crazy train, but I need off.  Like I said, I'm making a dessert, so this shouldn't be too big a deal, but on the off-chance someone else brings something awesome, I'm not going to make myself feel guilty about the holiday.  It's a time to be thankful, not self-loathing.

3) Work out 5 times during the week.  I think I can make this even without Thursday and Friday.  Here's keeping my fingers crossed.  I'm tentatively hoping for the gym on Monday, gym/skate conditioning on Tuesday, gym on Wednesday, and derby on Saturday and Sunday.

4) Figure out my Christmas gifts. I've already planned my holiday travel, so now it's just a matter of getting my gifts in order. I hate hate hate doing things last minute, so it's time to figure out the budget and get it all under control for better sleep and less stress next month.

What are your goals for this week?

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