How to cure your workout blues

Step 1) Go to a happy hour (or generally be social) with your work-out buddies.  Seriously. Do it. I spend a lot of time at the gym and love the ladies that push me to be better, to take on bigger challenges.  That said, sometimes it's hard to appreciate how great they all are when they are only gym buddies.  Get to know the people who inspire you outside the gym.  You'll find they have a whole lot more to offer you than advice on your form.  Last night we had a get together, complete with wine and cheese, and I was reminded of all the reasons the gym is a great place to be - the elation that comes from a new PR, the communities that are built, and having a safe third-place. Plus, gossiping about your trainers (yes folks, we do gossip about you) can actually remind you why certain people motivate you in the first place. All I know is all that talk about the gym certainly has me ready to go back.

Step 2) Let workouts sneak up on you. Nothing will inspire you to get your butt back to the gym than an impromptu  test of your strength.  Last night, we were competing for the prize for our internal gym challenge.  We couldn't decide who won, so one of the ladies said that whoever could explain what an "oompa" is, would get the prize.  I was all over this.  When no one understood my explanation, I hiked up my skirt (derby-style), and told someone to get in mount, so I could show them. I completely forgot that my derby girl partner also took jiu jitsu, so when I went to do the hip-escape, was taken by complete surprise that she resisted.  A full roll later (complete with knocked over furniture), and I emerged victorious (with some badass new socks as a prize.) But more importantly, I also remembered how nice it feels to move. If I had been asked if I wanted to roll, I would have declined. But given no choice, it was exhilarating to get back at it again. Now, not everyone is going to have a random rough and tumble sneak-up on them. But you can take on some activities that you may not think of as inherently physical.  Volunteer for habitat for humanity.  Clean out your garage.  Wash your car.  Whatever it takes to make you move without thinking of it as working out.  There's nothing like a sneak attack to get you going. And finally,

Step 3) Go back to what you love. When I'm in the middle of gym burnout, I find myself really wishing I could just do a certain workout (usually boxing or muay thai.) Right now, lifting and strength exercises just aren't my thing. I want to feel that solid thwap of a well-thrown punch, or the wind against my face as I race around the track derby-style.  But in actuality, my schedule is only permitting me to get to monkey bar.  PFFFFT to that I say.  This morning, I went to derby again for the first time in weeks and I IMMEDIATELY wanted to be moving around all the time.  So maybe strength training isn't my thing right now. That doesn't mean there aren't other ways to get strong. I'm thinking about buying a 10-pack for boxing lessons.  Whatever it is that will get me into the gym is clearly the right thing to do.

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