Zomg, where did we go?!

So who knows if anyone is still reading this blog. I know that my personal plan over the "hiatus" was to gain 10 lbs. Yes. I know. Even badasses can turn into lardasses if they're lazy.

Enter Karen and Tony and their Turn the Tables Challenge. And their emails about the challenge. Multiple emails that I ignored outright. My thoughts went something like this: I've just started a job where I get in by no later than 8am, and never know when I'm going to get to leave. My apartment is not even unpacked yet. The landlords left a walk-in closet with a rod for hanging clothes that is about 8.75 feet high. I am 5'4" tall. AAAARRRGHHHH. I can't for the life of me figure out debt financing structures. Or what I did with the contact paper to line the pantry shelves. Transition is such a bitch. I am definitely too stressed for stupid challenges that make me accountable.

And so when Tricia and I emailed about it together, I was non-committal. Oh, we don't have ready access to barbells? Guess we can't do it then. Oh, it won't be the same when we're not IN the gym, talking shit? Yeah, that's another obstacle. Too bad, so sad.

But then, when we were sitting across the table from each other yesterday, suddenly the obstacles didn't seem so bad. Suddenly, I remembered why I had been so successful at the first challenge--getting jazzed to do fun things is super easy with Tricia. Hell, getting jazzed to do not-so-fun things is easy to do with her.

Me: I'd do it if you did it.
Tricia: Well, I'd do it if you did it.
Me: Oh.

And I am nearly as pumped as I was the first time around, only this time, it is indeed going to be a bigger challenge to stay motivated without Tricia and Tony and Karen to see every day. The black box in NYC is OK, but it's no home. So I'm hoping that we'll use this blog again to keep me--er--us pumped.

Because I can't help it. I'm a badass. Badasses get pumped, the harder the challenge is.

Have no idea who Tony and Karen are but intrigued about this challenge? They have one spot left for someone to join who is not a member of their gym. Excellent trash talkers are encouraged to join in.

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