Getting it together

In true competition style, I've been struggling with a fever for the past few days. It also means I've been eating way too much squash. (When I'm sick, I want comfort food. For the record, pumpkin is the ultimate comfort.)  Not having someone to push me into the gym is getting to me, which means it's clearly time to get my act together. 

To that end, I played hooky from my conference today (shhh!) so I can both 1) avoid bad food and 2) hit up the gym tonight.  In order to make this easier for myself and hold myself more accountable, I'm also putting together a google-docs spread sheet of the food I've been eating. I've been lax on my calorie counting. NO MORE.

In case you didn't know, I entered this challenge solely because Meagan believes in me. And while it's pretty easy for me to excuse/disappoint myself, I'll always believe that whatever team Meagan is a team full of winners.  So watch out folks.  I'm coming for you.

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