PSA: Those in glass houses...

This morning at the gym, I watched as this guy cheated his way though the workout. I got so incensed as I watched him, because he was doing EXACTLY as the instructor had just told us NOT to do, or we'd be cheating.

On the way home, I took stock: I was not perfect, my workout had included some short-cuts. Maybe not the same as the guy's, but enough so that I was not above reproach. Who was I to judge him if I couldn't make sure my own form included no cheats?

Plus, the guy finished the WOD, while I got half-way through when time was called.* I wasted all this energy mentally tearing down the other guy, and not focusing on my own damn self. I was totally that friend who pays you backhanded compliments because she can't stand to see you winning at life. I sentenced myself to time-out. Meaning, NO cheating next time at the gym, NO comparing myself to how others are doing and NO wussing out on the workout.

*But seriously, Black Box, what the hell is up with all the hero workouts? 20 minutes is way too long to be busting my ass day after day. Or, you know, every other day...


  1. Thanks, Meagan, for the insight and ego-check reminder. I needed to hear this.

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