Paleo Living Pet Peeve

I hate it when you go to say, a Mexican restaurant. You tell them they don't need to bring you chips. And then you order a steak fajita salad, hold the cheese, hold the disgusting taco shell, add a side of guacamole, please.

And you're eating it, and it's OK. Because it's paleo in theory, what it lacks in sizzle, it makes up for in virtue. And you're patting yourself on the back, "I avoided all potential landmines! Hell yes!"

It's not you're back in your office and it's three hours later that you realize: whatever it was that you ate, it was not paleo-friendly; you're f**king starving, then totally sleepy, in a way that you just never feel when you've had a good paleo meal.

And then, you have a second realization: G-ddammit, I paid $8 to feel this way.

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