Bringing your awesomeness to a new level

I posted on a forum today, and in that post, it showed that I hadn't really brought my all to the gym with me. It was on stupid stability planks on a swiss ball--I hate these, so am probably more likely to shrug them off instead of taking them on with more intensity because of that distaste. Well, within minutes, someone had posted an inspirational video. And then, within minutes of that, I stumbled upon another awesomely motivating video. These both speak to different parts of me, but they're both about what Krista Schaus calls "bringing your awesomeness to a new level." Without further ado:

The first video that kicked off the quest for elevating my awesomeness:

And Coach Krista's video:

Have a wonderful, KICK ASS day.

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  1. Thanks for the videos...hope you had a wonderful day too!