Sorry I've been away for so long, dear readers. (Even if Tricia is the only one still reading this.) I have two exciting things to share.

1) Getting fit may mean I will stop being startled so often.

2) I swung my 25lb kettlebell for 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off last night. And it was easy. This is noteworthy, because I had gotten so weak that in January when I picked up the bell to do a 15 minute circuit, the sheer weight of the bell made me opt for a burpee circuit instead. And I felt like total wimpy ass mincemeat. No longer! I am back to embodying the byline of this blog in more than just mental badassery.

Also, I'm not taking submissions for what to name my 25lb bell. I feel that now that I'm back at raaaaaaaaaawr strength, (s)he and I should spend more time together.

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