Tip for success: Don't shop when you're hungry

I made a classic mistake yesterday: going to the grocery store hungry.  The key to eating clean and feeling good is preparation.  Actually, I'm pretty sure that's the key to succeeding at anything. So sometimes, I have to ask myself, why do I make things so hard for myself?

Yesterday, I went to BJJ for a semi-private lesson, and then ended up going to class after that, too.  3 hours of BJJ on top of my regular commute to and from work and I was hungry. Of course, I didn't really have all that much to eat in my house, so I decided to stop at the local co-op. Clearly, I was not thinking. Here's what I got: 2 zucchinis, a bag of carrots, a package of unsweetened banana chips, coffee, a lb of 100% unsweetened chocolate pieces, seltzer water, and some crazy paleo bar from the coop bakery made of sesame seeds, almond butter, coconut oil and coconut.  I'm not even sure what I was thinking when I picked up these ingredients.

A normal person would go home and make something with protein that is delicious.  Maybe an zucchini and carrot  basket with a fried egg on top.  Unfortunately, I was too hungry to think and tore into the paleo bar (which was meh, but sooo nice to be eating) and a bottle of seltzer right there in the parking lot.  This is not what it means to be prepared, folks.

Luckily, the gals over at Sweet Cheeks have your back. They too are on a clean eating challenge and have come up with some wonderful shopping lists with delicious recipes attached.  Assuming you want to enjoy your eating experiences more than I did last night, I highly recommend heading over and taking a look.

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