And then there were 19...

Today is my birthday.  I had planned on celebrating it with some sweet potato hash, coffee, and the paper at Montey's Blue Plate, but last night's festivities got the best of me, and I think I'll be staying in with my coffee and paper this morning.  That said, our celebration was totally worth it, even if it did cost me a SOM.

The night started with dinner with the roommate and "family" at their favorite local bar/pub, Mickey's.  Not only did the family buy me my steak salad dinner, they also picked up my 2 NorCal Margaritas.  This is where I will stress the importance of being a regular somewhere. Not only were the folks at Mickey's happy to make us a NorCal maragarita, they've now incorporated it into their repertoire, which means we can order it by name.  It is also quickly becoming a fave among the folks around here.  Post-dinner we headed back to our apartment for a housewarming/birthday cocktail hour.  Appropriate attire required.

Several pitchers of Sangria later, and our houseguest brought out 3 bars of fantastic chocolate (including a bar of Mexican chocolate), and some tiny tarts for dessert. Considering it's my birthday, and the chocolate and booze was totally delicious, I'm going to consider this a quality use of a SOM.


  1. Right decision. Can't think of a better reason for a SOM. Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. I agree! Happy Birthday! Did you fit in your burpees? I still do my prescribed number after the WOD.