Today marks the end of the 100 day burpee challenge that I engaged in. Because I have such a supportive gym, guess what today's WOD is?

The 100 day challenge has stunk. At around day 55, I started thinking, "OK, thanks, I get the idea, I've built up my burpee strength, I think I can quit now." There were more than a few days, I'll admit, when I had over 100 burpees to do because I'd missed the day(s) before, whether because I was on the road or it just slipped my mind. I lost many workout days to catching up on my burpees.

So now it's over, and like any goal you set for yourself, I'm glad I proved I could do it. I'm glad my burpees are strong--no more squat thrusts for me, thankyouverymuch--but I am so ready to get back into normal lifting and WODs and joining in with the rest of the gym.

And, just in case anyone was worried I was going to start slacking now that I'm not doing burpees at every turn, today Whole 9 posted their 30 day challenge again. Who's in with me? (I was looking for an excuse to go to Bourbon Steak this weekend anyway...)

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