Learning to Move

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting.  Work has been crazy and I'm finally crawling out from the cave of my office. Before getting my standing desk, working this much would have left me feeling achy and contorted. For some reason, sitting so much puts me out of sorts with my body, like it doesn't even belong to me.  Luckily, Conditioning Research posted this awesome video to remind you how to move your body.

I love this video, and I don't even like babies.

So far, all systems are still go on Operetion LOL. I snuck back onto the scale last week and realized that despite the insane amounts I'm eating, I dropped back down another 4 lbs.  I'm guessing this means I'm reaching that sweet equilibrium where I've gained enough muscle that I burn more calories and am dropping fat.

How's everything going with you?

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